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“The development field is so broad—FIDC helped me see what fields there are and where I could focus for my area of study,” said Rodriguez.
“You see all the different organizations and say ‘oh, I didn’t know you could do this in international development,’ so that’s really cool.” - Ivanna Rodriguez, co-director of FIDC From leading conferences like the Faith & International Development Conference to traveling abroad, there's no shortage of opportunities for international development students.
Interested in double majoring in college?
For students like Jessica Vos '19, the Calvin bridge represents more than just a walkway; it's a connection between her two departments: history and communication. "I knew I wanted to be a history major, but I also wanted something that would prepare me for a career in museum work. Double majoring in history and communications has helped me approach my future career as a well-rounded student, who understands both the framework for historical thought and the practical business side of things.
Wondering what kind of opportunities you could have your first semester at Calvin College?
Simon Detmer, a freshman, spent his first semester at the dunes of Lake Michigan, investigating information for dune managers and scientists to use in the future. "This past semester, I enjoyed learning about the geology and ecology of Lake Michigan coastal dunes. I especially enjoyed working with students from a variety of majors. I appreciate the incredible opportunity to participate in hands-on field research.
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