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What does a dorm president do at Calvin College?
- They facilitate weekly meetings, organize a yearly dorm retreat, plan their dorm's service auction, create and promote monthly dorm events, and much, much more. - Even though this position requires a great deal of work, it also results in a great deal of growth. Reflecting on his time so far as KHvR's dorm president, Jared Feyer states, "Being a dorm president at Calvin gives me the opportunity to foster community in my residence hall. I am challenged with the task of leading a team to coordinate building activities [and make them] inclusive to all residents. Through this position, I am able to make Calvin look a little more like home for those living here.
Students at Calvin are encouraged to be curious, to wonder, to learn new things.
- Chimes, Calvin's official student newspaper, provides an opportunity for budding student journalists to contribute to a weekly print and online newspaper, created 100 percent by students. Leading this newspaper is Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Hofman, a senior double majoring in English Literature and Writing. "If you told freshman me I’d be editor-in-chief of the paper, I wouldn’t have believed you. Editor-in-chief wasn’t a goal I had in mind when I joined Chimes. But now that I have the position I love what I do and the people I work with. To see so many diverse people come together to create a single product is an amazing experience. " 📝
Calvin’s new Ministry Leadership Fellows program invites prospective students to join a cohort of students interested in exploring how their gifts and interests apply to the work of the church in serving God's world.
The program includes a tuition-free summer internship course, an all-expenses-paid spring break pilgrimage, unforgettable learning experiences, and so much more. - Know a student who’d be a good fit? Tag them below. 👇
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