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“The development field is so broad—FIDC helped me see what fields there are and where I could focus for my area of study,” said Rodriguez.
“You see all the different organizations and say ‘oh, I didn’t know you could do this in international development,’ so that’s really cool.” - Ivanna Rodriguez, co-director of FIDC - From leading conferences like the Faith & International Development Conference to traveling abroad, there's no shortage of opportunities for international development students.
Rangeela celebrates the beauty of God’s diverse world which invites us to humbly engage and learn from each other.
We acknowledge that we have much to learn. Therefore, in this spirit, we apologize for placing the wrong flag (British Indian Ocean Territory instead of the Flag of India) with our post the other evening. The mistake was a result of moving too quickly without double checking our work. - While it was not our intention to offend, we recognize that it did, and we care. Each of our community members are important to us and we value the histories and customs that they hold dear. Our mistake conveyed a lack of cultural appreciation. This is the opposite of our goals and values. For this we are sorry and are committed to doing better. In response, we are having staff from the Intercultural Student Development Center at Calvin come and do sensitivity training with those who have responsibilities of posting on Calvin’s official social media channels. Again, we apologize for this mistake.
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