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What does a dorm president do at Calvin College?
- They facilitate weekly meetings, organize a yearly dorm retreat, plan their dorm's service auction, create and promote monthly dorm events, and much, much more. - Even though this position requires a great deal of work, it also results in a great deal of growth. Reflecting on his time so far as KHvR's dorm president, Jared Feyer states, "Being a dorm president at Calvin gives me the opportunity to foster community in my residence hall. I am challenged with the task of leading a team to coordinate building activities [and make them] inclusive to all residents. Through this position, I am able to make Calvin look a little more like home for those living here.
Who said college took place inside a classroom?
At Calvin, students travel across the globe and learn from a variety of other cultures. - Haley Parks is a sophomore currently studying in Budapest. Reflecting on her experience, she writes, "walking down the street and looking up at all the old beautiful buildings, you realize just how much they have to say, too. As we learn more and more about the rich history of where Budapest has been, I can only grow in appreciation for all that this beautiful city has to offer.
To celebrate National #STEMDay, here are 5 fun facts about Calvin's STEM program!
1️⃣ Calvin has over 25+ STEM-related majors. 2️⃣ Calvin's Biology department offers a special research program to first year students, working with Phage research. 3️⃣Opportunities like FYRES research takes students to Lake Michigan to study the Lake Michigan dunes. 4️⃣Engineering students can complete a Sustainability designation which certifies them for sustainable design. 5️⃣All STEM courses are taught through a Christian lens, preparing students with ways to integrate faith and science into their career. Happy National #STEMDay, Calvin Knights🔬
It's time for another Calvin competition 🎉
- Every summer, Calvin Admissions spends countless hours hand pairing roommates together based on interests, sleep schedules, cleanliness preferences, and more. These hours pay off and oftentimes result in lifelong friendships and lasting roommate pairs. - We want to hear from YOU! Either tag or message us a photo with your roommate along with a quote for the chance to win a $20 Amazon card and get featured on Calvin's Instagram. The deadline to enter is November 15th. - Tag a roommate pair who should enter in the comments below 👇
Each year, six to eight students are chosen as worship apprentices (WA's), and step into this important role of campus-wide leadership.
- These students help plan chapel and LOFT services, infusing drama, visual arts, and eclectic music genres to appeal to a wide range of worship styles. - “Being a WA has been a challenge because people look to you for answers that you don't necessarily have because you're a student too. I have no more experience than anyone else in most cases. But being a part of the program has been enlightening -- it's helping me learn more about myself and my faith, about leading, and about worship. " -Emily Myers
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