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When else, besides #JanuaryAtCalvin , would you be able to get college credit to build cabinets?
- These students have spent the past three weeks learning about the role of justice in responding to and participating in restoration of stressed neighborhoods. They've discerned the difference between charity and justice, and learned how to build and install kitchen cabinets through their partnership with Home Repair Services, an organization dedicated to strengthening vulnerable Kent County homeowners through improving their housing, with a vision of building strong communities. How cool are these Calvin Knights? 📷
Students at Calvin are encouraged to be curious, to wonder, to learn new things.
- Chimes, Calvin's official student newspaper, provides an opportunity for budding student journalists to contribute to a weekly print and online newspaper, created 100 percent by students. Leading this newspaper is Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Hofman, a senior double majoring in English Literature and Writing. "If you told freshman me I’d be editor-in-chief of the paper, I wouldn’t have believed you. Editor-in-chief wasn’t a goal I had in mind when I joined Chimes. But now that I have the position I love what I do and the people I work with. To see so many diverse people come together to create a single product is an amazing experience. " 📝
Want to win BoldSocks?
🧦 - We'll be doing a daily drawing each day of the week for everyone in the #BecauseOfCalvin contest. The sooner you submit, the more likely you are to win BoldSocks. We will be announcing the week's winners every Friday until the contest closes. - Visit for more details
The January Series of Calvin College has been a leading-lecture series nationwide for the past 30 years.
It cultivates deep thoughts and conversations about important issues of the day -- from sustainability to racial reconciliation. - NYTimes columnist, Nicholas Kristof, graced the stage this past week to discuss his experiences from the Tiananmen Square all the way to the genocide at Darfur. Although this is the last week to listen to renowned thought leaders like Kristof through the January Series, you can always re-visit previous audio recordings at
Calvin’s new Ministry Leadership Fellows program invites prospective students to join a cohort of students interested in exploring how their gifts and interests apply to the work of the church in serving God's world.
The program includes a tuition-free summer internship course, an all-expenses-paid spring break pilgrimage, unforgettable learning experiences, and so much more. - Know a student who’d be a good fit? Tag them below. 👇
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