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It’s that time, seniors!
By God’s grace, you’ve explored the globe, been captivated by new ideas, forged the deepest of friendships. This Saturday, you’ll wear cap and gown, hold a diploma, and celebrate an incredible accomplishment. What’s in store for you next as an agent of renewal for Christ? It’s a bold life. A life lived with your whole heart. Congratulations from your Calvin family! Share your Commencement Weekend experience with
It's hard to be a college dog when finals are right around the corner.
Luckily, Gus has ways to stay on top of his health during this busy season, and he wants to share them with you! 1️⃣ Take a study break and visit the Morren Fitness Center for a work out 2️⃣ Schedule an appointment at Calvin's wellness room to use their massage chair, meditation supplies, and other stress-management tools. 3️⃣ Make healthy food choices at one of Calvin's eight dining locations 4️⃣ Attend a yoga session with Calvin yogis 5️⃣ Breathe and know you've got this! 👊 Happy reading recess, Calvin Knights!
What's so great about Grand Rapids?
Besides being home to dozens of coffee shops, renowned restaurants, and fun things to do across the seasons, Grand Rapids also boasts an incredible art scene that promises to bring delight and wonder. 🎨 Ranked in the top 100 most-visited art museums worldwide by Art Newspaper, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is an international destination, featuring over 200 permanent sculptures indoors and outdoors. Explore the many wonders of Grand Rapids today: 📷
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